We have been working behind the scenes to ensure our opening is in accordance with CDC guidelines so here we go!
  • Thankfully we're an outdoor restaurant so PLENTY of fresh air will be included with your meal along with more distance between you and the others!
  • The table is yours! We only come by to clean and sanitize between guests. Menus are available via QR code scanned table-side. Disposable paper menus are available on request. Order at counter - pick up at counter - seat yourself.
  • Happy to report, full bar menu - did we mention full bar? In case you haven't heard, we have alcohol. Full Bar, we have drinks - Margaritas 16 ways, did we mention full bar? We may have repeated that we have LIQUOR.
  • We LOVE the environment but for now, single-use products are in place. However, we have an aggressive recycling program. We also (when and where available) use recycled content in our single-use products.
  • Think LOCAL. We source our ingredients from local farms and vendors as much as possible. This means daily runs to Homestead are our new normal at Taco Beach Shack!
  • We will require face coverings in public areas, however, any guests that wear a Lucha Libre Mask (look it up on Google) will get two shots of Patron on the house.
  • Florida can get HOT and as the summer approaches, even hotter. But, we do a temperature check of all our staff members prior to the work shift to ensure they are a normal 98.6!
We are quite frankly tired of the phrase social distancing because it reminds us of quarantine days. So we have come up with a brand new Post Stay-at-Home, get out of my way, back off term. Hula hooping! Yes, every hour on the hour each guest will get up (with Hula hoop provided) and twirl around for 20 seconds with a fab tune blasted out from our sound systems. First, this activity will remove unwanted pounds we gained during our Netflix binges. Second, with each hoop being 36" we can safety twirl without breaking CDC guidelines. Third, because it's fun!